About Us

Boomer Pet Magazine caters to the Pet Lover! A magazine where pet families can gather information pertaining to pets, news stories both national and local, editorials, product and service advertisement, the latest in pet products and knowledgeable information regarding “everything pets!”

To our Advertising Clients:

Our magazine will put you in front of thousands of pet enthusiasts and give your product/brand the ultimate exposure.  Available in Print and Digital, Boomer Pet Magazine will showcase your business through our publication platform and social media outlets as well as cross share the latest your product has to offer.  

To our Fans:

Thank you for making our magazine your resource for “everything pets!” We want to make sure we bring you the latest in the pet world and provide you with informative articles that will keep you up-to-date on the most current news.  Boomer Pet Magazine will also provide you with current lifestyle trends for your fur-baby and exciting content.  



Boomer Pet Magazine is available in print and digital, published four times a year during Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  


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